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Executive CV Writing Services & Coaching

Executive CV Services

[ceres_icon_block icon_color=”#c8a472″ icon_position=”left” heading_text=”Executive CVs” link_text=”Learn More”]Written by specialists in Executive CVs to say not just what you have done, but who you are, and what you have to contribute to a company’s vision. Professionally write CVs to help you get a new executive role, consulting opportunity or hire paying or international position.[/ceres_icon_block]
[ceres_icon_block icon_color=”#c8a472″ icon_position=”left” heading_text=”LinkedIn and PR” link_text=”Learn More”]Set up or manage your LinkedIn and PR in a way that continually attracts organisations and their board members to find you. LinkedIn is commonly used by executive headhunters who want to find people like yourself for usually higher paying and top level positions.[/ceres_icon_block]
[ceres_icon_block heading_text=”Coaching and Branding” link_text=”Learn More”]Discover who you are, what your potential is, and how to enter a role that is the perfect fit. Brand yourself as an expert in what you do.Our outplacement, career coaching and executive coaching and direction services help you achieve a new executive position or move into high paying consulting roles.[/ceres_icon_block]
[ceres_icon_block heading_text=”Networking and Direct Applications” link_text=”Learn More”]Build your senior level career prospects by enlarging your network. Then, open up a role for yourself in an organisation that you want to work for. Sidestep traditional CV application processes and uncover more opportunities and find a new senior level job[/ceres_icon_block]

Our Philosophy

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The secret for every executive is to discover what they are truly capable of, and then find or create a position for themselves that suits just this.

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[ceres_icon_block icon_color=”#c8a472″ icon_position=”left” heading_text=”Executive Branding” link_text=”Learn More” link_url=”url:%23|title:More|” extra_class=”frist-icon”]Step away from the traditional model of applying directly by CVs and instead learn to brand yourself, so headhunters find you.[/ceres_icon_block]
[ceres_icon_block icon_color=”#c8a472″ icon_position=”left” heading_text=”CVs and Resumés” link_text=”Learn More” link_url=”url:%23|title:More|” extra_class=”third-icon”]Available together, or separately from our other services; our Executive CV service has been used by many of NZ and Australia’s top GMs and executives.[/ceres_icon_block]
[ceres_icon_block icon_color=”#c8a472″ icon_position=”left” heading_text=”Career Planning” link_text=”Learn More” link_url=”url:%23|title:More|” extra_class=”fifth-icon”]Take early steps to achieving goals and exploring the different pathways available to you.[/ceres_icon_block]
[ceres_icon_block icon_color=”#c8a472″ icon_position=”left” heading_text=”SERVICES FOR CONSULTANTS” link_text=”Learn More” link_url=”url:%23|title:More|” extra_class=”second-icon”]Are you a consultant? Or a contractor? Services are available to help you find more business or transition to the workforce.[/ceres_icon_block]
[ceres_icon_block icon_color=”#c8a472″ icon_position=”left” heading_text=”BECOMING A CONSULTANT” link_text=”Learn More” link_url=”url:%23|title:More|” extra_class=”forth-icon”]Consultants typically receive higher pay rates for their work, and enjoy work-life balance flexibility. We can coach you in this direction.[/ceres_icon_block]
[ceres_icon_block icon_color=”#c8a472″ icon_position=”left” heading_text=”EXECUTIVE APPLICATIONS” link_text=”Learn More” link_url=”url:%23|title:More|” extra_class=”sixth-icon”]Receive assistance in senior management, GM, CEO and other C-Level job applications.[/ceres_icon_block]

Free Consultation

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Tell us what you might need help with and one of our consultants will get in touch with you.

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Happy Clients

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We have helped others in potentially similar circumstances to yourself.

[ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-male” heading_text=”Executive Director at Waikato DHB / GM at Hospice Taupo”]”The return on the Investment has simply been incredible. Arthur himself produced a CV for me that was far beyond the quality that I have seen as a recruiting manager. I have now secured an exciting executive role and owe a lot of this to the coaching, products and skills of Arthur and his team. – J. Bennett”[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-female” heading_text=”GM Duty Free DFS NZ, Ex-GM DFS Australia Gold Coast”]”I would recommend Arthur to anyone that is seeking individual and personalised approach and the best representation of their career achievements and transferrable skills that will stand out and be noticed by potential employers of choice – A. Kujovic”[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-male” heading_text=”M. L. – CEO CV”]”“There is no doubt in my mind I would absolutely recommend you to any senior professional looking to make the next step, because your service certainly pays for itself.”[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-male” heading_text=”CHIEF ADVISOR TO AUCKLAND COUNCIL”]”I would recommend Arthur to anyone wanting to revitalise their CV, especially if you are targeting a specific role. – A. Minturn”[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-female” heading_text=”​Colleen Milne, Ex-CEO – Real Estate Institute of New Zealand”]”Arthur was engaged to review my CV and to prepare sample Cover Letters appropriate for my areas of expertise and interest. The CV has been exceptionally well prepared and Cover Letter of a very high standard. I recommend ExecutiveOne for those looking to update their personal selling tool box, CV, Cover Letter and Linkedin”[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-male” heading_text=”​​Thomas Fuhrmann, Ex-Managing Director – Chubb Security​”]”Whilst searching the internet I discovered Arthur’s company and made contact with Arthur. Following our conversation I engaged Arthur and his team to revitalize my CV and LinkedIn profile. Arthur and his team are true professionals and ensured that they captured all my information accurately. They use a very detailed and proven methodology and as a result they have produced a fantastic CV for me. Through their process they manage to obtain information and skills that I have and articulate this very professionally on my CV. Thank you Arthur to you and your team. I have already recommended you to several of my executive colleagues and will continue doing so.”[/ceres_icon_box]
[ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-female” heading_text=”HEAD OF OPERATIONS – WESTPAC”]”As with any executive and professional it is was important for me to have a current CV and record of my experience and background. Arthur and his team worked through a very thorough in-depth process to provide me with a comprehensive CV and updated Linkedin profile. Arthur took the necessary time to research content, focussing on providing a finished product that represents my career achievements and critical measurable results with impact. I recommend Arthur and Executive One to anyone that is seeking an individual, personal and professional approach to updating their CV and profile. – G. Sandland”[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-male” heading_text=”General Manager of Performance at Fonterra NZ”]”The process and engagement from them was excellent and the results were above my expectations. I can confidently recommend his services to anyone looking for a professional CV that brings out all your valuable and transferable skills. – C. Ward “[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-female” heading_text=”Gillian Johnson”]”The new plan we made for my consultancy career is something I have followed for the last 6 months and has gained me significant new income and mentoring opportunities in my downtime.”[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-female” heading_text=”SENIOR ASSET MANAGER – AMP CAPITAL”]”Executive ONE were fantastic and undertook a very thorough in-depth process to provide me with a comprehensive CV and updated Linkedin profile from which I have received excellent feedback. I thoroughly recommend their services and thank them sincerely for their assistance. – A. Beattie”[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-female” heading_text=”Dana Anderson”]”Truly opened my mind, and the way I and others see myself – so that I am appreciated for my full value proposition to employers and companies.”[/ceres_icon_box]

Latest News & Tips

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Explore free advice and guidance over topics Executive One can help you with.

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