board member

How to Land a Job as a Board Member

“I’m a board member for such-as-such company or organisation.” That does have a nice ring to it. Indeed, landing a position as a board member, whether it’s for a company or non-profit organisation, is perhaps the most prestigious role you can get. Only an elite few can get the privilege to hold this title. Plus, … Continued

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linkedin profile

Do You Have a High Quality LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn may not be the largest social media network channel. But if you’re applying for a senior-level or executive position, this is definitely one social media network worth using. Why? LinkedIn is one of the few social media networks used by business people to grow their network and find new opportunities. Of its over 500 … Continued

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recruitment consultant

Forming a Good Relationship With a Recruitment Consultant

These days, companies hire a recruitment consultant to find the best candidates for vacant positions as a cost-effective way of finding the right candidates for the job being offered, especially if you’re applying with a startup company. Forming a good relationship with a recruitment consultant is essential to increase your chances of getting hired. That’s because he … Continued

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customise your cover letter

How to Customise Your Cover Letter For a Job

A cover letter is one of the first things that employers and recruiters receive job seekers. Sadly, one common mistake most job seekers commit is sending out a generic cover letter. While it does give them insight into your skills and what you can offer, they don’t look any different from the hundreds–if not, thousands–of … Continued

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How To Write a General Manager CV

Writing a CV for an entry-level employee is very different from writing a general manager CV.  For starters, their skill sets are very different. Entry-level employees generally work as part of a team. General managers, on the other hand, are the ones that lead the team. Their level of experience is also very different. Entry-level employees … Continued

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new zealand style cv

How To Write A New Zealand Style CV

Are you exploring work opportunities in New Zealand at the executive level? Do you have years of experience but not sure how to position yourself? Most importantly, are you familiar with the information that a New Zealand style CV should contain to get that all-important interview? If not, do not worry. This is a common … Continued

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executive ladder

How to Climb the Executive Ladder

Climbing the executive ladder can be a challenging process. There’s no real way to know when your efforts will allow you to reach that next rung. Sometimes you may feel that you are almost there, only to have someone else climb over the top of you. The good news is that there are ways to achieve … Continued

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cultural sensitivity

The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity in Your CV

Showing some cultural sensitivity in your CV is crucial. That’s because many jobs require work with people from different communities and backgrounds. If you’ve stayed in New Zealand for some time, you’ll understand that Maori roles are significant in the market. More important, the Treaty of Waitangi sets guidelines for cultural sensitivity. If not, it’s … Continued

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