No matter what people feel about who drives organisational success in the company, the CEO is usually the person who is behind it all. Of course, the VP of Sales might argue that he brings in most of the revenue while the CTO might believe that building the product is the most critical task. If
The C-suite consists of the most prestigious positions in a company and industry. This is partly because C-suite executives are respected in the industry, and because they influence the course of business. That’s why they are often referred to as captains of industry, and the C denotes chief. But, along with the power and influence,
reflecting career passion
You don’t have to wait for the New Year to think about your career goals. That includes the passions that you might have left behind. Surprising statistics show that most people aren’t passionate about their work. A survey done by Gallup shows that 62% of employees have no passion for their work. Even more alarming
career coach consultation
There are many reasons why people hire a career coach. Some people feel as if their job is not a good fit. Others are going through changes in the company. Still others find themselves in a position that they do not feel comfortable with. Given that there are thousands of career coaches out there, it