Climbing to the C-suite is not easy. There’s no formula and no single predictor that anyone can say worked for those who’ve made it. Globally renowned management consulting firm McKinsey surveyed what makes executives experience successful transitions. The study found that executives who successfully climbed to the C-suite had unique qualities. They communicated their priorities, valued their
Top executives are seldom recruited. Companies know exactly what they are looking for. They just want the right person to deliver it. This is why they headhunt. For the head hunter, it’s not an easy job. They have to look through multitudes of talent before they settle for the ideal candidate. Would you like to
All jobs are not created equal. In particular, an executive resume requires you to demonstrate a proven track record with greater responsibility than most other positions. Your executive resume should show that you can represent and lead a company. Of course, in the matter of a job search at the executive level, it’s also essential
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Pitching for a position is a tough hoop to jump, but the real hurdle comes in the form of an interview. Shifting the dynamics of an interview is a concept often applied by sales teams. But pitching a sale is not very different from pitching for a job. Conventionally, the interviewer controls the conversation. But