promote yourself in writing executive-level cv

How to Promote Yourself in Writing

When crafting an Executive CV, it is vital to strike a tone that will accurately promote yourself in writing. The same goes for your experience and potential. Moreover, you have to do this without coming off as arrogant. Packing too many adjectives around the facts of your experience and education can make the document difficult … Continued

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crafting a cover letter

Crafting an Effective Cover Letter

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So when it comes to a job search, your cover letter is your first impression. A cover letter can help your chances of landing an interview or cause a hiring manager to skip over your CV altogether. It all depends on how … Continued

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senior executives and CEO

How to Write a Good CEO CV

Not all of us are cut out to run large organisations. Not all of us, who are capable, might even get the chance to run an organisation. Well, if you’re gunning for the highest position – the CEO – in any corporation, expect stiff competition. Now, if you’re one of the gifted few to have … Continued

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governance and board jobs cv

Why Board Jobs Are Rarely Advertised

Applying for a board job is not like applying for a senior leadership position at a company. Many get offered a board position as they near retirement. However, if you think you can send your application, you’re going to get frustrated. These jobs are rarely advertised, and for a good reason. Many people don’t get … Continued

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