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5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Writing an Executive-Level CV

Even if it doesn’t seem important to revise your executive level CV, it definitely matters in today’s world. Where newer formats, personal branding, and your online presence say a lot about your reach at the executive level. It’s understandable that most executives are big picture-oriented given their positions held at a string of organisations throughout … Continued

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How to Write a Board Member CV

Every organisation has clear roles set aside. As in common knowledge, board members are at the top of the pile with responsibilities to the organisation’s shareholders. To be considered for a board member position, one has to accrue several years of industry experience. In other words, occupational expertise combined with greater visibility is the key … Continued

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Tips to Prepare a Strong Executive Summary for Your Executive CV

A summary is perhaps one of the most critical sections to have in your executive CV. That’s because it immediately gives recruiters and hiring managers an overview of the experience and expertise you possess. What is an executive summary statement? An executive summary is a short paragraph placed right underneath your contact details. It contains … Continued

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