Pursuing the role of a board member in a company or non-profit organisation is the highlight of any executive professional’s career. It’s proof that you’ve come a long way in your career. It’s also a clear sign you’re now a respected thought leader in your industry.

Some get invited to join the Board of Directors or Trustees. However, the majority of executives aspiring for this position have to do it the old-fashioned way. That means submitting a CV and going through a rigorous interview process.

Writing a board member CV is unique from preparing a CV for other executive-level positions. Your CV must highlight your experience and capability to create an inspiring vision. More important, you need to prove that you can steer the entire organisation towards this.

What Makes an Effective Board Member CV?

1. A Board Member CV Starts Strong.

Board members have a commanding presence. They can quickly compel the executive team to follow. The best way for you to exemplify this is by hooking the Chairman of the Board and other board members the moment they start reading your CV.

Successful board members achieve this by crafting a compelling executive summary. Apart from delving into their industry expertise, successful board members include their experiences as a strategic adviser and leader.

More important, they intentionally keep this short and purposely leave them hanging. Doing this encourages the members of the Board to keep on reading their CV.

2. A Board Member CV is Relevant & Personalised.

Successful board members don’t send out generic CVs. Instead, they tailor it with specific details to make it relevant to the position and organisation as a whole.

By personalising their CVs, they ensure they convey their work experience aligns to the responsibilities and duties of a board member.

3. A Board Member CV Includes Your Achievements.

If this isn’t your first time as a board member, then you should include all prior board positions you held and the milestones you’ve achieved.

However, what if you don’t have any experience as a board member?

Then, include any community service, awards or similar recognitions you earned. These emphasise your leadership skills and your accomplishments as a whole.

Leadership roles in community organisations also give the committee a chance to see how you have used these leadership skills to impact the lives of others positively apart from your work experience.

Whilst you can also try your hand in writing a board member CV, it can take time and much effort on your part.

An easier and more efficient way to prepare a board member CV is by getting a professional do it for you.

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