Interview Coaching Services For Executives

Interview Coaching And Branding Services

Many professionals have spent much time growing businesses or whatever organisations they have been part of, without taking quality time to reflect on themselves. By working with a coach, many senior professionals have taken this opportunity to create 1-year, 3-year and 5-year plans for themselves.  Furthermore, we also provide coaching over networking, interview training, and board recruitment & panel interview sessions.

The first step is for us to help you discover what career paths are available to you. Are you better suited to being a consultant? Or is the most suited path to become a C-Level member of the organisation? Or should you stay in a similar position – but find a smaller or larger organisation to work with?

Once we have explored these different opportunities, we put in place a series of action points to help you work in the direction of your goals. Do you eventually want to work in an organisation that serves humanity? Or is your goal to eventually run a business that goes public? Or do you want to have flexibility with your working hours, and operate as a board member?

Our coach is able to talk you through all of these options, and help create an accountable plan that helps you realise your long term plans.

Why Executive Interview Coaching & Branding Is Important?

Executive branding is about identifying yourself with one or two particular areas of interest, for example: new marketing strategies, revenue generation, leadership, culture change, restructure management, employee talent etc.

Once you have chosen your specific identity, Executive One will provide you with unique strategies to convey this both locally and internationally. By releasing content and hosting material that makes you a clear thought leader ; this can be an exceptionally effective way to be headhunted for jobs or consulting opportunities.

This can also be an excellent way to uncover higher paying opportunities (our clients find new roles that often pay 30-40% higher than what they were previously contending for) as well as international opportunities.

Tip: We can help you decide what brand images may suit yourself, and are most likely able to help you reach your financial and life goals.