Corporate Employee Branding

Here at Executive One, we have a strong panel of professional writers for profile, CV, and LinkedIn writing services for the employees or consultants with your company. Whether you like to believe it or not, your customers and potential business partners are not just reading your website, but also doing their own background research on who works for your company. They want to determine if they can trust your organisation and its people to deliver results.

Our high-end services for CV writing, LinkedIn, and branding aren’t limited to just those seeking a new job, but can also be leveraged by organisations looking to showcase their employee talent.

Who uses these services?

  • Businesses trying to win new customers by showcasing their employee talent
  • Companies looking to win tenders by showing that they have highly skilled staff members
  • Organisations wanting to present their team members as experts, with strong personal or corporate brands for each individual

You can actually win more business, improve sales conversion rates, boost your brand reputation, and attract even more skilled team members by showcasing your impressive employee talent.

Services we provide include:

  • LinkedIn profile writing and optimisation for your team members – so that when clients or other organisations research your organisation, they know you are employing highly skilled individuals
  • CV preparation – typically attached to proposals or tender bids for new business
  • Production of video and other forms of multimedia or presentations
  • Social media coaching for your team members – guidance on what to post, and what not to post, online – and how to maximise their branding
  • Online branding for corporate companies

In the past we have provided these services to a range of corporate clients with outstanding results. Showcasing your employee talent is truly a great way to win new business.