The economy today has become extremely accommodating, thus allowing a number of small and medium-sized organizations to come up, and, moreover, flourish. The growing number of smaller organisations means that there are a number of enterprises looking for valuable manpower. However, they are equally selective about the people they hire, since a fairly new, smaller organisation needs to establish itself in the industry, and to achieve this, needs to develop and grow. Therefore, if you are aiming at working in a smaller organisation, there are a few things your CV has to reflect:

If you have previous experience working in a smaller organisation, highlight this. If not, and if your resume consists only of larger organisations with a massive employee count, don’t despair. Someone with experience working in a large organisation has knowledge regarding the industry that a smaller organisation might lack, and which can come in handy. Therefore, ensure that you highlight how your experience with a large company can help the smaller organisation develop its standing in the industry.

As always, point out your skillsets. In a smaller organisation, as with non-profits, roles and positions will tend to be mobile, and the more skills you can boast, the higher your chances of being hired. Therefore, no skill is inconsequential and to be ignored, especially if they are related (however vaguely) to what the smaller organisation is dedicated to.

Smaller organisations are usually all about the flat structure, minus the bureaucracy and hierarchy. However, it is incorrectly perceived that someone who has worked in a large organisation would be unaware of this, and would inevitably impose these hierarchies on a smaller organisation, thus affecting productivity and functioning. This could be one of the major reasons smaller organisations shy from hiring people who have worked in larger enterprises, irrespective of how valuable their experience might be. Therefore, it is important you highlight your understanding of and willingness to work with the flat structures of a smaller organisation, thus gaining you an upper hand.

You should also ideally tailor your CV for the needs of every company you apply to, putting your experience and skillsets into perspective, and locating them within the context of the company you are applying to.