Corporate governance refers to a framework of rules, methods, and practices to facilitate accountability, equality, and transparency within a company or organisation.

Responsibilities and Duties of a Governance Officer

A governance officer or director is responsible for a comprehensive scope of duties, including:

  • Maintaining and updating the company’s or organisation’s governance framework
  • Monitoring compliance requirements
  • Coordinating committee and board meetings
  • Monitoring and analysing business processes
  • Establishing and keeping operational procedures, manuals, and records
  • Examining monthly reports
  • Facilitating the flow of information within the company or organisation
  • Liaising with board members, managers, committee members, and stakeholders

Critical Elements in a Governance CV

There are three critical elements that make a governance CV effective:

Executive Statement

Your executive summary briefly tells recruiters and hiring managers why you’re the perfect candidate.

What you include here must align with the responsibilities and qualities specified by the company or organisation in their job opening.

More important, your executive summary must be compelling. By doing this, recruiters and hiring managers will keep reading your CV.

Key Skills and Competencies

This section lists your skills, competencies, and qualities that make you fit for the role of a governance officer or director.

Shifting careers?

You can highlight transferable skills to make you qualified to assume a governance role.

Experience, Expertise, and Achievements

You need to show your capability to handle the responsibilities of a governance officer effectively.

For this reason, it’s crucial to highlight your expertise and achievements in your governance CV. That way, a recruiter or hiring manager can see how you’ve shaped your career in governance.

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