How to Write a Great CEO CV

Maybe you are vying for a senior-level position within an organisation, and with your experience and knowledge, maybe you can land it as well. But these factors alone don’t guarantee success; your CV plays an equally important role. You may have worked several jobs before, and might consider yourself a pro in CV- writing, but the fact remains that the CV for a senior-level position is starkly different from those required for other positions; do not even consider using the same kind of CV you did when you had just stepped into the industry. A CEO’s CV has to highlight a number of things, including your experience, knowledge, and what you can contribute to the company in a convincing and efficient way.


Highlighting your experience is crucial, and especially important is highlighting your area of experience – whether you have experience within large-scale or small-scale industries, and the kind of experience you have within these. Don’t forget – all experience is valuable, however insignificant it may seem, since versatility is a valuable quality in a CEO. To this end, also ensure that you communicate the kind of teams you manage – whether they are small, medium, or large-scale – and highlight instances wherein your leadership guided these teams to the desired destination.


On that note, highlight any achievements that can recommend you to the post. The other side needs to be convinced that you will be able to get the work done, and well, and your previous achievements can endorse you like nothing else could.
Highlight your leadership style

Every CEO is different, and has different ways of functioning and running a team. Usually, a particular organisation is looking for a specific type of individual to run the company, and this often coincides with the kind of services they offer. Therefore, it is important that you highlight your working style in the CV – whether you are the entrepreneurial type, someone who manages a company meticulously, etc. – so that the reader has a general idea of what to expect, and gauge whether you are suited to the organisation. Make sure you communicate that you are not just a great manager, but also a great leader.

Talk About Your Vision

While recruiting a candidate for any position, most companies check that the candidates’ vision coincides with that of the company’s. Thus, it is important that you communicate your vision to the reader, and enumerate how you can help the company achieve its goals while also aiming for personal growth. Highlight the steps you would take to ensure the goals of the organisation are achieved, and how it would benefit the organisation in the long run. This will, in addition to acting as a very strong recommendation, it will also communicate your knowledge about the company, and thus, your keenness to work with the organisation.

There is no denying the hard work and dedication involved in advancing in your career to the extent that you qualify to become a CEO; however, it would be a pity if you were not accepted merely because of a weak CV. Hence, make sure that you keep all of the aforementioned factors in mind while applying, and graduate further in your career.