Consultants, while working independently, and perhaps because of this, need an impressive CV more than other professionals. This is because you have to handle everything by yourself – a one-man army, if you will – and all aspects of the consultation project is your own responsibility. Additionally, with the growing job industry and the number of businesses coming up, consultants have great demand; however, this also translates into an increasing number of consultants entering the job market. Therefore, you need to prove to a prospective hirer that you can provide the most beneficial services, and this calls for an effective CV.

As a consultant, amongst the most important perspective you can give the company is that of the outsider’s, since you are also one, and your advice can help the company substantially improve how it functions and caters to its customers. It is important that you highlight this aspect, therefore; overlooking it can mean losing a prospective long-term business relationship, which can have further consequences, career-wise.

Additionally, if someone is looking to hire you, they need to be confident about your ability to understand the company and give valuable advice, and additionally, resolve any problems that the company may be facing. The only way to assure the company of your reliability is by citing experience, and highlighting previous jobs where you have helped other companies navigate through similar problems, and further their business. Make sure to go into a little bit of detail, but refrain from singing praises of yourself. To this end, mention how you can create a positive return on investment, so that a prospective employer knows that if they invest $50,000 in your consultancy services, it won’t be wasted, and that a higher profit can be achieved through this.

It is also important that you design your CV keeping your audience in mind, here, the company that has requested your services. The general workings of a company need to be kept in mind, and that means you need to have prior knowledge of how the company works. It would also be beneficial to understand what exactly is expected of a consultant, and work it to your advantage, helping you secure a project.

Finally, it is important that you come across as someone that is cordial and easy to work with: the tone, therefore, needs to be approachable. Being professional is almost a prerequisite, but you also need to come across as friendly, especially since most of the project will be conducted on a personal front.