Write A Great General Manager CV

Vying for the post of a general manager? If you think countless years of experience and knowledge within your field are the only qualifying factors to land the post of a general manager within any organisation, you’re gravely mistaken. While these factors definitely come into play, there’s another one that’s equally important, if not more so – your CV. Because you may have great experience, but how can you communicate it without a good CV?


Ensure you highlight your experiences in your CV, especially the industries you have been involved in. organisations appreciate and value versatility and knowledge in a general manager, and the more experience you have, and the more diversity you can boast, the higher your chances of being hired. Also mention the size of the team/s you have managed previously – whether they were small, medium, or large – and mention the budget sizes you have worked with. This will help the employers figure out whether you are suited to their needs, and also help them determine where you would be ideal within the organisation. It would also be beneficial to mention whom you reported to in the past, in your previous jobs – a CEO, Managing Director, Board of Directors, or Board of Trustees; this will give the recruiters an idea about the work dynamics you are familiar with, and how they can benefit the organisation.


Your skills list is a must-have on your CV if you’re aiming for the position of a general manager. Ensure you place more emphasis on your leadership and managerial skills, as a sort of preview for your prospective employers as to what you can contribute to the organisation. Cite instances where your managerial skills have come in handy and have aided the organisation or your team in achieving their goals. This will ensure you communicate your practicality as well, thus recommending you to the position.


Highlight any achievements – however insignificant they may seem – that might recommend you to the post. Your prior achievements are your most hardy recommendations, which can convince your prospective employers about your efficiency and dedication as an employee. Highlight those achievements especially which commend your managerial skills, so that future employers know what you are capable of and can gauge your efficiency and suitability from the CV itself.

In addition to this, make sure you highlight what you can contribute to the organisation, and how the organisation, in turn, can help you achieve your career goals. An impressive CV can contribute more than you think to your landing the job you want, and this is true especially in the case of senior positions, such as that of a general manager. Ensure you keep the points mentioned above in mind while designing your CV, and you should be sorted.