How to Write a Great CV for a Senior Position in the It Industry

The IT industry, growing at a steady pace, is always in need of more employees within its fold. This also means that if you are someone with ample experience, the industry holds great promises for you, and you could advance to a senior position in a relatively short period of time. That being said, it is not an absolute cakewalk. There are several things besides experience and knowledge that need to be considered when applying for a senior position within the IT industry; your CV, for example, is of paramount importance.


Enumerate your experience within the IT industry, and mention your skills and experience. Make sure you mention your technical experience, but don’t make this the focal point of your CV. It would be better to digress into your leadership capabilities, and how, through your technical knowledge and experience, you can strategically help the organisation grow and become more competitive within the industry. Preferably cite instances wherein you have done this before, thus reinforcing your claims. This will also ensure that the employer understands that you are not a manager that has merely risen through the ranks. Also mention and explain projects you have been involved in before, and how they have called your leadership qualities into play.


Most employers are looking for an individual whose visions – both personal as well as career goals – are compatible with their larger vision and intention for the company. If there is a wide discrepancy between the two, there is no way the employer will consider hiring you, irrespective of how efficient or experienced you may be. You need to cite your visions in a way that translates into overall good for the company, and make sure that it gets communicated well. For instance, most IT companies at the moment are running on outdated, inefficient systems which need refurbishment. You could highlight how you intend to solve these problems once and for all, and rectify any inefficiency arising out of these.

It is important that, within an industry developing at such a fast pace, and one which therefore has many applicants for the same post, you stand out and make an impression on the employer. To do this, you have to ensure that what you can contribute to the organisation is unique, or at the very least, uniquely presented. Keep the aforementioned points in mind, and they will keep you a step ahead of the game.