Jobs within non-profit organisations, while tedious, can often also be very rewarding, thus the growing interest in such organisations. However, this increased interest also means that the organisations have a tougher screening process. Hence, it is essential that your CV reflect your interest and experience to ensure that you have the upper hand over other applicants.

Like every other CV, though, you have to make sure that the one you write for a non-profit is concise and clear, but also that it very clearly highlights your vision and intention for the organisation. More importantly, you must highlight and emphasise your interest in the cause the non-profit is dedicated to, and elucidate how and why your passion for the same would help the organisation serve and function better. However, do not get too wordy in the process, since that might defeat the purpose.

Mention your experience in detail, especially with other non-profit organisations. Also highlight important achievements within the same, citing examples that will help prospective employers decide where you will fit within the organisation, and how you can help the organisation achieve its larger vision.

In addition, explain your understanding of social responsibility and reputation management, among other things, which are relevant under the context of the organisation in question. It would further help seal your position within the organisation, and aid the employers in moving ahead with you. However, brevity has to be maintained to ensure that you stay on track.

Non-profit organisations depend greatly on marketing, and it would benefit you if you have prior knowledge regarding the same. In your CV, make sure you highlight any knowledge and experience you many have with regard to how to get funding from various, prospective sponsors, write proposals once any deals are finalised, and how to go about practically applying all of the aforementioned aspects into benefitting the organisation and the overall cause it is working toward.
A non-profit organisation, compared to others, is usually smaller in size, and therefore, while manpower is often needed, tend to have fewer people handling a number of different things. Thus, such an organisation may not have fixed roles and positions like other corporates; therefore, a wide and varied skillset will help you advance your career within a non-profit, and in the process, further not only the organisation, but also the cause it works for.