Why Networking Is Important?

Networking Help For Executives

Networking can be a challenging skill to master. While many people consider themselves a good relationship builder, and someone who gets along well with other people; effective networking is also about getting yourself in front of people who can help you with the next step of your career.

Senior managers, consultants and executives often find that they are able to create networks for their day to day business that they work or consult for; but often find it difficult to make a network that works for them – regularly getting them in front of different job opportunities.

Our coach is able to guide you around networking opportunities and provide you with insight including who and which are the right departments, meet groups and events to consider introducing yourself to – and how you might win those introductions. Many senior managers, consultants and executives learn that the positions that are most suited to them; are not necessarily publicly advertised. Sometimes they are sourced internally; that is – who the company already knows or if they have someone in mind. Sometimes, they just don’t exist – and the company is unaware that they have a need for hiring a person with such a skill set.

Networking Help For Senior Managers

Executive One has successfully helped a good number of professionals secure unadvertised roles by the use of direct applications. These professionals have formulated a system where they are able to convincingly directly approach a company, and either have them be the first cab off the rank for the next time they hire, unlock ‘hidden’ job opportunities, or have roles created for them that suit their skill set and personality.

Many of the professionals we work with find this is the best opportunity they have at securing an executive role.
Many of the executives who had originally approached us for CV writing assistance have gone on to find great value in our networking and guidance coaching. This process helps them to sidestep traditional CV application processes (looking for jobs) and being someone who is headhunted and tracked down to be working in a job. In return, in many cases they receive higher paying positions, positions with greater responsibility or international exposure, better work quality positions, as well as increased benefits e.g. signing bonuses, workplace benefits, budgets, allowances, etc. which are not often found through traditional job application processes (Seek, TradeMe, etc.)

Tip: In any good job search strategy, it is helpful to use a combination of networking and direct application methods. This is also important if you are considering working as a consultant.