Professional Cv Writer Service

Professional CV writing services for senior managers, executives, business professionals. With experience writing CV’s for a combined 30+ years, our CV writing services will help you get your next opportunity.

How much does it cost to have a professional CV written?

We think that professional CV writing is a great investment for your future. The cost varies, however we can usually provide a free cost estimate. Simply contact us, and tell us about what you want as your next step. We can usually do your LinkedIn profile for an affordable fee if you buy it together with CV & cover letter writing services.

Why get your CV professionally written?

A professional CV writer knows best about how to help you stand out from many others applying for the same opportunities as you. The professional writer can also bypass a number of issues. If you’ve ever been told any of these before, it’s probably time to start thinking about how a professional CV writer can help:

– You’re not the right fit for the job
– Your CV is hard to understand
– You are underqualified
– You are overqualified
– There was another candidate more suitable for the job
– This isn’t the right opportunity for you

Do many people have their CV professionally written?
Yes, absolutely! Many of the senior level employees and managers, etc. in New Zealand or Australia have had their CV professionally written. We know this because we’ve written hundreds of CV’s for them in the past.

What information is needed?

In order to have a CV professionally written, we’ll usually need you to email or provide us a background of what you’ve done. We’ll also need to tell us what you want to do next, so we can correctly target your CV. That’ll form the basis of a high quality CV for us to write for you.

Do you want to improve your CV?

Improving your CV is a great way to get that next job, employment opportunity, position, board opportunity, consulting assignment, university admission, research project, contract opportunity, management job, etc.

Next steps

To get started, contact us or email us at . Include a brief description of your work / career history, your old CV (if available) and also a short explanation or example of what you might want to do next.